The Chundria Show is hosted by Chundria Brownlow, an experienced TV Host and educated Producer. The 30-minute talk show features interviews with guest experts in lifestyle, health & wellness plus love and relationships.


Life keeps us busy and we wouldn't have it any other way, right? Brunch with friends. Family vacations. Credit + 401k's. Mortgages. House Parties & new recipes. Careers & Business. Cheers to the good life and enjoying every moment of it.

Health & Wellness

Living our best lives is never up for debate. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to maintain positive mental health, physical fitness and overall wellness.

Love & Relationships

Who we choose to share our lives with is always an important decision in our lives. How we choose to love proves the strength of all our relationships. Love takes hard work and great effort. Cultivating healthy relationships is a mission we all share.

I am committed, disciplined and faithful.

I’m not going into another year with a bunch of the same goals.

- Chundria Brownlow

About Chundria

Born, raised in Chicago, Chundria Brownlow has hosted and produced entertainment TV for many years. She is a fun, comical, charismatic and outgoing journalist. Chundria is a proud alumni of Columbia College Chicago, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television with a concentration in Production/Directing.

When she’s not working on the talk show, Chundria enjoys working red carpet events, traveling with her
husband, brunching with friends and having a relaxing day at the beach.



As Seen On...

The Steve Harvey Show

'Virtual Virgin' Episode

Just Keke (BET)

'Oops I Sent That' Segment

The Insider (NBC)

Bachelorette /Date Contestant

It Takes A Church (GSN)

Bachelorette Contestant


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